Hi I’m Emma,

I am a student currently on a journey to become the best artist that I dream of being. This blog is simply my art diary. I will be sharing my thoughts and creative processes showing you guys how I do what I love doing.

The lecturer in me

I am a mixed media artist and I like to take a methodological approach on what I do. This quite often results in works containing a powerful message. I enjoy getting involved in projects where I can express myself best through installation work which sometimes contains an element of interaction.

I love being creative and experimenting with my artworks. I find the process exciting and when my work is finished, satisfying.

I am especially passionate about the medium of photography due to its versatility and immediacy. When working with the medium I get carried away  and have the urge to produce more.

On the prowl

As we live in an extremely fast developing world, I believe, that as an artist, it is important to never stop experimenting with new media and so I challenge myself to think outside the box.

Your feedback is very welcome. It will make for a liveable blog.

If you would like to browse through my latest work and get to know a little bit more about myself please don’t hesitate visit my website !


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