The Need for Cognitive Closure in Artworks -Blog 3

Final Piece

Due to the reasons mentioned in blog 2, I decided to take nude photographs for my final piece. The aim of the shoot was to create an ambiguous setting. To do so I used two models; one as the protagonist and the other just appearing slightly in the series to enhance the mystery. In this project, I was influenced by such photographers as: Bill Brandt, Ren Hang, Ruth Bernhard, Helmut Newton and Augusto De Luca.


Before starting the shoot, I showed the models some photos taken by these artists and then showed them around the scene, an old summer residence, to make them get acquainted with their surroundings.

I wanted to create effortless and natural scenes and made sure that there was no posing. I played with light, shadows, reflections, fore-shortening and depth of field which all contributed to interesting compositions.

The shoot was successful (refer to photoshoot blog) even though I had an early mishap. Due to excitement, I lost my first film, because I opened the back of the camera without rewinding the film when finished. I learnt from the experience and retook the photos.


Developing film

The next step was to develop the film, which goes through three chemical processes. These are: develop, stop and fix. I used the chemical HC – 110 as my developer. The film I used had an ASA of 400 in order to get a grain result in my images. (refer to how to develop a film blog 1)


Developing images.

The film was first cut at intervals of 6 images per film.  Contact prints were then developed to  be able to see the raw images and evaluate what amount of light they would need to help choose the best images to develop. It was not an easy task to narrow down 120 images to 7. (refer to how to develop a photograph blog 2)


To create my final piece, I first test developed my favourite images in order to find out the timing of light, aperture and the amount of magenta needed.

After this process, I developed the chosen 7 images again involving the sugar experiment.


However, the compositions were so strong on their own, that by adding the sugar technique, it unfortunately appeared forced and reduced the quality of the end result.  After long discussions with my tutor and some friends, I decided to leave the images untouched, as there was enough ambiguity and mystery portrayed for people to want to figure out what is really going on.


I realised, that when dealing with the topic of ‘The Unfinished’, it is important to know when to stop.

My end product is a series of 7 ambiguous, analogue images portraying an unfinished story line. The chances are, that during the exhibition, there will be viewers yearning for answers, which will further prove a higher need for closure.


Final artwork to be exhibited at MCAST ICA Festival on the 31st of June till the 4th of July

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