The 1.5 Generation – Blog 2


My final piece is a sensory installation. It consists of jumbled conversations recorded during the four interviews, contrasting the recording with a silent video of the participants, and a set of portraits, in various postures, of the participants.

The installation will be set up in a cubicle, covered completely on the outside with the portraits. The recurring portraits serve to put an emphasis on the work. The audience will first familiarize themselves with the participants, through the portraits, as they file into the cubicle. A 30 minute looped silent video projected on a wall, featuring the participants debating amongst themselves, will be on show in the cubicle. This is contrasted by a surround system loudly transmitting the participants conversation in an non-synchronized manner. The confined space creates intimacy, an uneasy feeling and brings the installation together.

The conversation starts off calmly and gradually becomes agitated with the participants talking over each other. The build up creates emphasis. The audience is bombarded by a lot of information which can be quite an overwhelming experience. The viewers will be able to pick up phrases here and there and understand the gist of the conversation. The installation experience aims to trigger off emotions and create awareness about the plight of the 1.5 generation.



Learning outcomes

This was a great learning experience. It helped me improve my video editing technique and I learned how to edit sound, a skill I was unfamiliar with. It was also the first time I used the techniques of camera-less photography in a project where I enjoyed the process and its final aesthetics. Working with people unknown to you has its challenges. Not everyone has the gift of the gab and I encountered some timing problems. This caused a slight problem with the flow of the video. Coordinating separate interviews to be played at the same time requires precision. A permanent studio would have ensured this.


Some of the Portraits Covering the cubicle completely on the outside

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