Photoshoot for Thesis Project

It’s 1.40 am and I have just finished developing 4 black and white film negatives. From what I can tell, they are looking good. No creases, no fog and well exposed.

Today at 12.30pm my two models arrived at my house. We then went straight to Gozo, where we caught a 2.15 PM Ferry.

We arrived at the apartment at 3 oclock. I first briefed my models on my topic. Then, I showed them some photographs taken by other photographers. Photographers which inspired me are: Bill Brandt, Ren Hang, Ruth Bernhard, Helmut Newton and Augusto De Luca. This was done to get into the mood and gain some inspiration from other nude models. We then explored the house where I pinpointed my personal beauty spots. At 4pm we got to work. The models where comfortable with each other, they chatted away all throughout the shoot which I loved as this created natural scenes.

We played with light, shadows, reflections, for-shortening and depth of field. This created interesting compositions. I did not have a story line but I had a main protagonist and a more passive one.

180 shots later (8pm) we finally called it a day.

We then caught the 10.30 pm ferry. I dropped my models off and then went straight to the studio to develop my films. It was 23.45 pm. I used the same processes as mentioned in one of the previous blogs on developing. I finally got to bed at 2 o’clock in the morning!

Today was a crazy but exciting day. Due to some initial excitement I could have lost  my first film as I opened the back with out rewinding the film when finished. I put down this to experience and retook some of the photos as a precaution.

I am now going to get some rest – got to bed at 2 o’clock in the morning! –  before confronting another busy day. Excited to see the images just developed.

Stay tuned in order to follow this process, working up to my finally piece.


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