Camera-less Photography-Blog 7


I fell in love with this medium. Each print gives a different result. There is an element of unfinished where I find the imperfections beautiful.

I am currently undergoing a project titled Citizens of Nowhere were I have targeted the 1.5 generation. These are people who have emigrated from their country at a young age and feel torn between two countries and don’t know where they belong. I took some head shots of them and wanted to create an effect of their face fading away. I did this by converting my digital print into a negative, and printed it on translucent acetate sheet. I then created cyanotypes from them.


3 001[1135]

This Cyanotype took a whole 1 and a half hours outside as it was an overcast day. When removing the negative there was no results on the paper but I left the print under running water for a good 30mins and slowly the image came through with quite a lot of contrast.


The other 4 images were printed on a sunny day and they came out lighter than the first one after 20 mins in the sun. Unfortunately, I did not have Hydrogen Peroxide which  increases the definition, making the blue colour stand out.


I wanted to make a large print – A2. I got a large piece of plastic and I created an abstract composition with leaves, string, cotton wool and paint. After creating this collage, I placed it on my large primed canvas and waited for the magic to happen. The results of a cyanotype are very different from the actual collage like photograms. Due to this, one should experiment with absolutely anything. It may not always look appealing as a collage, but when transferred, it completely transforms into something else. This remains in the sun for 25mins before rinsing it off.



That’s it for now on the Camera-less photography blogs. I hope they were of interest.


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