The Group Installation

One of the units in my course is focusing on the principles and elements of art. As an exercise we were split into groups of 4, where we each were given a box containing a shape, a colour, an artist and a mineral.

My group got: a sphere, salt, yellow and Ansel Adams. Through research we were able to find similarities between them to create an installation keeping in mind the principles and elements of art.


This is how our thought process evolved:
  • Yellow = warm light – sun – as the sun is the largest light source emitting warm light, our eyesight has become more accustomed to seeing the colour yellow.
  • Sphere = Spirituality – ritual – time – worldly
  • Salt = sacred – currency – animals followed it
  • Ansel Adams = Dodging and burning light


With the information above we came up with this idea:


The idea was to create a space where people focused on the experience.This  would take the form of a  circular maze made out of salt that led to a golden sphere hanging from the ceiling. A spot light giving off warm light  would hang above the wall, lighting up the dark space.                                                                                                                                             It was envisaged that as people entered this worldly realm, they would follow the maze laid out in front of them, blindly. The circular movement  should enhance the experience.                                                                                                                                         One by one people would enter the space until everyone formed a circle, as though they formed  part of some sacred ritual. Surrounding a golden pendulum,  they would   interact with the ball as they swung it from one side to another.                                               The light would be manipulated by the movement of the ball swinging from side to side. To add to the overall experience, smoke and essential oil would be added to the installation.

The sphere was: incorporated into the path that the participants took, the circle that they formed amongst themselves and the pendulum itself.                                                                   Salt was used to create the maze and people were to take of their shoes in order to feel the salt as they walked round the maze.                                                                                     The colour yellow was used in the lighting.                                                                                    The Ansel Adams technique of dodging and burning was implemented into the installation using a single light source in a dark room shining onto a ball blocking the light. When one moves the ball this would create a dodging and burning simulation.  When one moves the ball one can observe the light exposing certain areas. This effect is emphasised with the contrast of the white salt glistening.


Results and reflections


This installation was a great success considering the time limitations. The participants followed the maze as predicted. They interacted with the ball and to our surprize they even interacted with the salt by drawing with their fingers. Our group was in agreement throughout this project. I learnt that teamwork strengthens an idea and I believe that this installation wouldn’t have been as strong if it was thought out and executed by one person.


This installation was ideal for photographic experimentation’s.  I must admit I went a bit camera crazy. Below is a small selection of the bunch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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