Planning For the Future

This is my first post. I hope you will find my blogs interesting.


The Big Step

Two weeks ago I took my first big step towards my future as a professional photographer.

I am  a final year student at the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts in Malta studying for a BA Hons in Fine Arts.

At the beginning of the year I asked myself:  ‘What’s next?’

I am a big planner and I do not like to look at a blank near future. I already knew that I wanted to continue studying, so I did not have a completely vague picture. I needed, however, to start making some positive decisions.

I reflected on what I enjoyed most in my Fine Arts course. Over the span of three years I learnt a lot of valuable skills relating to various mediums such as painting, sculpting in ceramics, printing in dry-point, mono-print,  lino, drawing,  digital and photography.

I have been experimenting a lot with photography and have been fascinated by this medium. Photography has been the starting point of almost all my works I have executed in different mediums. I find that it helps me to put my ideas down on paper and to carry on from there. I guess it takes all kinds!

It did not take me too long to decide that photography was my thing and would love to take it up as a profession.

I also knew that it was essential for me to study abroad to widen my horizon.

Through research, I found out about a photography course run by The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, in the English language. The course ticked all the boxes. A Dutch photographer friend of mine told me that I couldn’t have found a better Academy.  That’s all I needed. My heart started to race!

The application

I applied for a BA in photography at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. What struck me most about the Academy is the varied curriculum , its openness to people of different cultural backgrounds, and the opportunity to exhibit in international exhibitions.

My application was accepted. I was presented with a never ending list of tasks which I had to complete before being accepted for the interview. I was quite taken aback, at first. This level of scrutiny was unfamiliar. Applying for a BA course in Malta requires  academic certifications, and that’s it. No probing!

As soon as I applied, I received a list of tasks I had to execute in order to get accepted for the interview. Applying was an eye opener of the seriousness and stiff competition involved. In Malta, being a small island, having the required grades is enough.


The big day

I did get accepted for an interview and I pushed off to The Hague.

With my portfolio in hand and my stomach churning with excitement, I arrived at the Academy. The building was massive and I felt overwhelmed.

My portfolio, my nerves and I


Stepping out of my bubble

We were first taken around the school by a few second year photography students. The variety and amount of facilities on offer were incredible compared to my arts’ school in Malta. I felt as if I was walking around a fun park. The Academy had absolutely everything one could wish for. Whilst being shown around the school I had the opportunity to observe and chat with the students. I just felt this was the place for me and I was already imagining myself there.

The experience was mind blowing. The facilities available at the academy are amazing and just  cannot compare with what we have here. I am determined more than ever to gain experience abroad. Can’t wait!





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